For most of my working life I have been in a sales/engineering role. One of the first rules of sales is find clients who have a need for what you are selling. Makes sense right? If you are a dog /beer vendor, you need to find hungry/thirsty people. When I write handgun hunting articles, I usually try to imagine who my reader is going to be. What are you hungry for?  There is probably thousands of revolver/single shot handgun owners who once dreamed of hunting with a handgun, but that 44 magnum is now a “safe queen”. The rifle is now the official tool of choice. Why does that happen over and over? The thought of handgun hunting probably lured you and many others in. It’s something different from what your buddy was using, and more compact than a rifle.

So why do all these guns go into a safe to experience a life of darkness? I have seen a lot of handgunnners try to shoot something the size of a basketball and miss at 20 yards.  Lack of confidence soon creeps in. Who wants to have the buck of a lifetime show up and not be able to finish the job?

If you are one of these people, please don’t give the game up just yet. You can still be a handgun hunter and take deer at moderate to long range.  There is a wealth of good information on some of the handgun forums.  I would encourage you to keep things simple.  Take the gun you have back out start with some basic fundamentals.  Don’t just load up 6 rounds and light them off.  Think about what you are doing with each shot. How tight are you gripping the gun?  Are you pressing the trigger straight back?  Concentrate on one thing at a time. I would encourage you to go to the range alone, and log what you do with the results. You need to memorize the feeling of a good shot, and how you did it.

When you find that place where your groups are getting smaller, it may be time to take another step.  Crawl before you walk is the name of the game. I have only been shooting a handgun seriously for about five years and feel like I have barely scratched the surface.  I add something new each time out, and mentally document my results.  You can get better quickly if you take the right mental approach.  Are you ready to get back in the game and accept the handgun hunting challenge?