Which tripod to buy for your Trifecta Handgun Rest. This is a question that comes up occasionally, but should come up more often than it does. I talk to guys on the phone and they usually want to use something cheap. Let’s see, you spent over $800.00 on your gun/scope combination and now you want to go cheap on the most important part of your entire rig?  I recommend you purchase something in the $100-$200 range. The two models below are from Man Frotto.  They can be had for just under that $200.00 price range I just mentioned. I want you to notice three things. They both have a flat round base plate. You don’t want to buy a tripod with a ball head or quick release plate. The legs are independent. Some Tripods have leg spreaders. They work well for flat surfaces, but are not so great on the hills. The last thing to notice is the way the legs lock. the model on the right has twist to lock legs while the other has lever locks. The choice is yours as to which is best. I think the twist to lock is better at keeping snow and debris out, but doesn’t provide the visual lock assurance that the lever lock style does. You can find other brands that will cost less and may perform just as well, but these two are from a name brand company. By the way, They are both available on Amazon.



manfroto leg lockmanfronto tripod