python1           Some of the facts regarding which year might be out of whack in this post, but I believe them to be fairly close. I was waiting for a dentist appointment back in 1983.  Next to the dentist office was a bookstore with a large magazine rack. I couldn’t afford to buy any magazines, but I sure liked to look. Anyway I was thumbing through Peterson’s Hunting  Magazine and came across a guy holding a mountain goat in one arm and a scoped Colt Python in the other.  I just stared for a moment. I knew right then that I wanted to do that. Indiana didn’t have a handgun hunting season at the time, but I didn’t care. I was too young to handgun hunt anyway. Someday I would travel if I had to. Fast forward to 2006 and I finally had my own handgun. It is the 7mm-08 Encore you see in many of my YouTube Videos.  A lot of thought and handgun forum reading went into the purchase of that gun. The first year I hunted with it. I was able to take a small eight pointer at about 63 yards.  I was completely hooked! From that day on I wanted to shoot my handguns at longer ranges.  I believe the handgun not to be a handicap, but the ultimate hunting machine. What’s your story? When did you start handgun hunting and why?