Signature Handgun Rest


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Discontinued (Please order the Signature Camo Handgun Rest)

The Signature Handgun Rest is the most advanced handgun rest for hunting in the world. We took our experience in design excellence and paired it with what you, the handgun hunter, ask for. The result is a very smooth handling lightweight rest. For years we have been making rest to help handgun hunters get precisely on target. Speed is the critical element hunters wanted more of. The Quicklok fluid head adjustment is built right into the handle of our new Signature Handgun Rest. All you have to do is align your sight on the target and give the handle a quarter turn to lock it in. Rifle hunters will be jealous of your groups at the range, but the field is where the score counts. You won’t miss another opportunity with the Trifecta Signature Handgun Rest.

This item requires a quality tripod or the Trifecta HD Tree Arm to function. (Not Included)


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