Trifecta HD Tree Arm


Load capacity: 20 lbs


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Hi, This is Brian Thurber (owner). I have personally worked on the new Trifecta HD Tree Arm for over a year. I wanted to put it out last fall in time for hunting season, but I knew it wasn’t quite right. I always want a product to be the very best, and do exactly what the design intent was from the drawing stages. I am happy to say we got this one right.  It will set up faster, hold more weight, and have less moving parts to go wrong. When the artwork is finished, we will launch what we think is the best tree arm for filming and/or handgun hunting on the planet.


The Trifecta HD Tree Arm is the most advanced tree arm on the market. It sets up in less than two minutes! If you thought that is fast, wait to you take it down. Speed isn’t everything though. We built this arm with a purpose in mind. We didn’t use hollow tubing like our competition. The Trifecta HD Tree arm uses an internal skeletized extruded aluminum to prevent any twisting under load. You can run two cameras to film both your hunter and his intended target. Handgun hunting from a tree stand couldn’t be more fun. Just attach your Trifecta Handgun Rest using one of the quick release plates and you will have accuracy potential rifle shooters only dream about.  How about value? We designed the Trifecta HD Tree arm to be the best value. We didn’t add any expensive controls to level your tree arm. It’s all done on the base plate using simple set screws. When you purchase the Trifecta HD tree arm, you will know you simply have the best!

  • Load Capacity                     20 lbs
  • Arm Reach                          40 inches
  • minimum tree diameter       12 inches
  • physical weight                    8.8 lbs.
  • finish                                    powder coat flat black

Note; You will need to purchase at least one quick release plate in order to attach your equipment.

Handgun Rest not included with Trifecta HD Tree Arm

This item is going through a remodel. I can’t wait to show you the new version! Brian T.




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