Trifecta HD Tree Arm II




We didn’t set out to compete or compare to any other tree arm. The Trifecta HD Tree Arm II is built for handgun hunting from your tree stand or from the ground. Setup is a breeze with a self-contained fixed back plate. Everything is at your fingertips allowing you to set up in a few minutes with minimum effort. There is no tangly messy rachet strap to figure out in the dark. We incorporated a retractable strap that doubles as a shoulder strap for easy transport. To create stability, we utilized skeletonized aluminum to eliminate any twist or torque. The handgun hunter will finally be able to hunt from above with maximum versatility. Just take 20 seconds to attach your handgun rest to one of the two Arca Swiss compatible quick connect systems and you’re ready.  Do you like to self-film your hunts? The 40″ reach will position your camera for that coveted over the shoulder shot. The Trifecta HD Tree Arm II is the only arm giving the cameraman the option to attach two cameras at the same time. The Cameraman can now use all of his creativity to add more interest to your hunt with little or no need for remakes. If you don’t need the second quick-connect, no worries. You only need one to make it work.  We powder coated everything for a durable finish and rugged good looks. Value is also very important to us. Since there are no middlemen, we can sell the Trifecta HD Tree Arm II for much less than you would pay at a retail store.

This item requires one or more Arca Swiss quick connect systems (separate purchase). We recommend the Andoer KZ-40 60mm Universal QR Clamp with 70mm Quick 


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