As this year comes to a close, we celebrate time with family and all the things we are thankful for. 2015 was a great year for Trifecta Handgun. We launched a new rest called the Signature. I believe the success of this rest was it’s unique ability for quick target acquisition, and modest price tag. In 2016, we plan to build off the success of the Signature Handgun Rest and will introduce a camo version. We will also have a rest topper that is much more simple and cost effective. It will replace the Velcro strips currently being used to protect your rest from revolver cylinder gap gasses.   The new handgun rest is actually available now if you want to order it. The artwork is not done but we are planning a Shot Show time frame release. We had a request from one of our great customers to create some Trifecta Handgun vinyl stickers. I think that is a great idea and will get busy on them. If you are a current customer, I will make sure you get one.  All new customers will receive one with their order. If you want to be involved with artwork ideas, please send them in an email Just a few hints when creating. Keep colors to minimum of two or three and include white and black. We will add a simple version of our logo. If several of you are interested I will turn this into a contest and give something away. We will bring the Trifecta HD tree arm back out next year. We didn’t have much inventory this year so I took it off the product list. We need to be more efficient at building these and will be in 2016.  Another upcoming announcement is a handgun hunt shooting contest. This will be different from anything you have ever shot at before.  I will personally be testing targets after the first of the year. Join our email list if you want to be involved. It will be a lot of fun! That I can promise. Merry Christmas everyone!—Best Huntin.. Brian