Can I use my Smith and Wesson 500 with the Trifecta Handgun Rest?

Yes. The Trifecta Handgun Rest is adjustable to fit most single shot pistols and Revolvers. The Big Boys are certainly welcome.

Can I hunt from a Treestand with the Trifecta Handgun Rest?

Yes. You will need to purchase a Trifecta HD Camera Arm. This is the only arm long enough and sturdy enough to handle the Trifecta Handgun Rest. It is also the easiest arm to set up. We found a way to manufacture the Trifecta HD Camera Arm at a very fair price and believe it is the best camera arm on the market. Yes we guarantee that or your money back.

Do I need a tripod with the Trifecta Handgun Rest or does it come with one?

You will need a tripod capable of holding 15 lbs. We don’t recommend the so called hunting tripods. They are too flimsy to support the weight properly. I tried using one and could see my heartbeat in the scope. Your tripod is part of a system, ┬áso don’t be cheap. Email us for suggestions.


Is the Trifecta Handgun Rest available to ship when I order?


Can I shoot my Remington XP 100 or Savage Striker from the Trifecta Handgun Rest?

The Trifecta Handgun Rest was designed and tested to be used with Revolvers, Single shot pistols, and Semi-auto handguns. We have not tried the rest with any guns no longer in production such as the XP-100 and Striker.

Can I shoot the Trifecta Handgun Rest from a shooting bench?

Yes. You will fasten the Trifecta Handgun Rest to a 3 foot piece of wood using a 3/8-16 bolt. Make sure you counterbore the wood so the bolt head sits flush with the surface of the wood. You will then attach the wood piece to a shooting bench using a plastic wood clamp. I will make a video showing this.