Standing up while hunting is one more tool to put in the box. There are several advantages to giving yourself a more elevated position, and of course a few disadvantages as well. One advantage is getting above the terrain. This is especially important when dealing with low lying cover or a shallow rise in elevation. Standing up can also allow you to move your body horizontally behind the tripod instead of getting stuck in one spot while sitting. Western U.S and African hunters are often on the move. Learning how to stand up and shoot your handgun may be a necessity, especially when black death (cape buffalo) is staring you in the face at 40 yards. 

     There are some inherent disadvantages that must be discussed so we can accept or overcome them. The first question is whether you are able to stand up for long periods of time. Here in the mid-west, I often stand when I am hunting a wood lot after work. I only expect to be there for an hour or two, so standing creates the least amount of ruckus and time consumption. I don’t have to carry a chair with me or climb into a stand. I always look for trees wider than my body to use as cover. I realize that may not be possible in all areas. If I can’t find a large tree, I would opt for as much back cover as possible to avoid looking like a human. Another nice feature with the tree is avoiding fatigue by leaning into it. The second disadvantage to standing is the extension of your tripod, and the decrease accuracy in accuracy that may follow. I happen to be 6’8″ so this is especially challenging for me. I keep my tripod at waste level and kick my back leg out to decrease elevation. You must practice doing this and take some actual shots in order to find your max effective distance. 

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