To help us understand the need to rest a magnum-sized handgun, let’s first look at how a rifle is naturally rested. Rifles were built around the shape of our body to give us four distinct contact points (forearm, trigger, shoulder, and cheek weld). Rifles can be fairly accurate just by using these four points, and no artificial rest. If a vertical support system (shooting sticks) is added, the effective range can be extended much further.

We soon learn that shooting a handgun just by using what God gave us isn’t easy. The four contact points the rifle gave us are now one unsupported point; our hand. Extending our arm out in a natural shooting position only adds to the problem. Gravity is not on the side of magnum pistol shooters.

Now think how you shoot your single shot pistol, or magnum revolver. I bet you can produce really small groups at the bench…right? Why is that? You are probably using a heavy sandbag rest that supports the frame and butt of the handgun. You can nest the gun and make small vertical and horizontal adjustments to the rest. Simple solution, but taking this rig to the field is a complex situation at best.

Shooting sticks probably seem like the answer, but we all soon learn that just supporting the front of the gun isn’t good enough. I guess that’s why nobody uses them at the range.  Bi-pods can support the gun well, but sit too low to be effective out of a pop-up blind or shooting over tall vegetation.

Trifecta Handgun builds the only handgun rest in the world that completely supports the handgun, thus allowing instant vertical and horizontal target adjustments while aiming at game animals. We designed several technologies into our rest to take the shake out of the shot. You will experience something most rifle hunters only dream of. As a bonus, you can take your new Trifecta Rest to the shooting range with confidence. To see our full line of handgun hunting accessories, visit