The most common question we get “which is the best tripod for the Trifecta Handgun Rest?” You may ask why we don’t include a tripod with the rest or why don’t you sell tripods? The answer is simple. Choosing a tripod is a personal choice. There are literally thousands to chose from. I’m going to help you make a good decision if you follow the steps in this post. To get started, I want you to open a new browser window if you capable on your device.  If not, you may have to take notes. Go to and type Tripod Legs into the search bar.


You will now have over 300 choices on just this one site. By using the search phrase “tripod legs” we have eliminated all the tripods and come with extra attachments such as ball heads or fluid heads. You should see just plain based tops like the examples below.

Both the pictures above have a 3/8-16 screw coming out of the base. This is the common thread size for tripod legs and will work perfectly with the Trifecta Handgun Rest.  I want you to notice the leg locking features on the samples above. The so called hunting tripods don’t have this feature and therefore lack stability to make a consistent shot at extended ranges. I always get asked if the Trifecta Handgun Rest will work with Bog Pods or Trigger Sticks. I never recommend either one, but they may work just fine for your use. I prefer to get into the mindset of a professional photographer. They go to the same types of places we go as hunters, and load similar sized gear onto their tripods. You own a professional rest for your handgun. Why not maximize it with the right tripod?

Ok, Let’s get back to B&H photo.  You will notice a column of filters down the left side of the page

Go down to price range and type $1-$200. This may not be your range, but stay with me. I want you to get the feel for the right tripod. Choose your own filters later.

When I narrowed by price range, my over 300 choices went down to 81. Now we are getting somewhere! The next filter I want you to look at may be the most important. Go down to maximum height. You must decide if you are ever going to shoot your handgun while standing. If the answer is yes, then measure yourself from chest down. I am 6’8″ and therefore need a tripod with a maximum height of 59″. Hopefully your measurement will be less. Height never adds to stability. If you only plan on sitting, you can go with a shorter tripod.

I am now down to 17 choices. How many do you have? There is one more critical filter for us to look at, and that is maximum support weight. Before you select anything, I want you to have a heart to heart conversation with yourself. The higher the maximum support weight, the bigger and beefier the tripod must be.  I use a tripod with a maximum weight of 15 pounds, which is about as low as I would go for any gun, and it works just fine. If I really wanted to maximize a gun, I would go up in maximum support weight. If you plan to shoot a gun with a long maximum range, such as an Encore or Contender, that shoots bottle neck cartridges, you may want to move up  in maximum support weight. How far do you plan to walk? Are you a western hunter with a backpack full of gear? Do you walk several miles a day up and down hills? Are you in good physical condition or a couch potato? Let’s go to the other end of the scale. What if you only have a 200 yard walk to your blind? What if you can leave some of your gear in your blind? In such a case, I would not be afraid to go big. A 30 plus pounds maximum support weight tripod would not be out of the question if that was the situation.


Now that you have clicked on most of the filters, it’s time for you to look at everything else and make a decision. I think most of you will get the hang of it by this point. If you still want me to help you with suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I am always here to help the handgun hunting hunting brotherhood.