When I finalized the design of the Camo Signature Handgun Rest back in 2015, I honestly didn’t think I would ever need to come up with another version. I hope this post along with the accompanying video will help you, the handgun hunter, choose the right rest for your gun and hunting style.

The Signature Rest (top left) will cover 90 percent of any handgun hunter’s needs. It will allow very good accuracy along with quick response rate. Personally I value response right up there with accuracy. If you can’t get your gun on the target animal quick enough, it doesn’t matter if you can hit it. Another advantage of the Signature is its smaller footprint and less weight. If I had to hike very far at all, I would certainly opt. for The Signature over the Hybrid Hunter. What about larger guns you may ask. I have shipped a few Signatures off to 460 Smith and Wesson XVR handgun hunters. I don’t think you will find a stock gun with more weight in the United States. The signature handles the big frame revolver just fine. The base and bracket are both constructed of 1/4 aluminum, and the size of the rest was designed to accommodate any handgun. There are a few adjustment options to allow the user to get everything perfect no matter which gun they are using. The Signature Camo Handgun Rest will for sure be around taking all types of game animals for years to come.

The Hybrid Hunter was born almost by accident. I was playing with different ways to hold the Signature Rest steady using my left hand while holding the gun with my right. I found that adding the weight of my left arm along with the left-hand grip gave me extra stability. Through trial and error, I figured out the best place to put a high-end mountain bike grip. Perhaps overkill but it felt really nice to the hand, and the rubber texture will be welcome in the cold weather. I wanted the Hybrid Hunter to work as a target shooting rest, as well as a great option for those really wanting to stretch the distance while in the field. My next addition was adding a heavy-duty fluid head to the bottom of the platform. Everything was built around shrinking those long-range groups while still keeping the system to a reasonable amount of physical weight for easy carrying.

To sum things up I will use an analogy. The Signature Camo Rest might be called the minivan of handgun rest. It will do everything well, from taking the whole family on vacation to getting you to work on a daily basis. The Hybrid Hunter is the big SUV. It will do everything the minivan does, but with more comfort and style. The price of the SUV is at the pump, and the price of the Hybrid Hunter is about 1.5 lbs more physical weight. If you need more help deciding, you can always email or call us, and we will be glad to help. You can always watch the comparison video in our always-growing video library